Adult Leagues

Adult 'A' - 'B' - 'C' - 'D' Leagues 2015-2016 Season
Cost: $TBD per player [$ due per half]
$TBD for 2nd team [$ due per half]
28 Games
Period Times: 15-15-20 with last 3 minutes stop time in 3rd period only. Go to running time in the event of a 3 goal lead. 4 min warm up.
Rules: Rosters are frozen as of September 15, 2015 or new additions.
Players may not be added after this date without the arena approval.
Requested additions to rosters must be approved by the Committee - Nov 2nd 1/2
Players may be slotted to teams by the Committee
Rosters may be adjusted at end of 1st half - deadline of January 15, 2016

The team captain of any team knowingly using a non-sanctioned player, will face disciplinary action from the GSAHA adult league.

**** Any registered player bringing litigation against another registered participant, shall be suspended from play in the adult league until further notice. [litigation must be GSAHA related]

GSAHA 2015-2016 Men's League Rules & Regulations
10/13/2003: Players are NOT allowed to watch games from the locker room area, once the third period starts of any game. No exceptions.
Match: Suspended from all USA Hockey activities, at least until MAHA hearing.
Penalties: 5 minute major for checking : 3 game suspension
5 minute major for stick infraction with game misconduct: 3 game suspension
5 minute major for checking from behind : 5 game suspension
Any major penalty causing a substantial injury will warrant a league review.
Any individual player incurring 4 penalties in a game, will result in that player being disqualified for the remainder of that game.
Fighting: 1st offense: 4 game suspension, 2nd offense: 7 games, 3rd offense: season
Any player in a fight in their final game will require a league review to determine the appropriate suspension for next season.
GM Misconducts: 1st [1 game], 2nd [2 games], 3rd [3 games] / continuing progression
Game misconducts will carry over to next season if applicable
MAHA rule : Upon receipt of a game misconduct, the player must immediately proceed to the locker room and a) remain in the locker room for the balance of the game, or b) dress and leave the arena premises.

Division Teams Contacts
"A" Teams

Garber Chevrolet
Scottish Inn
Tuscola 'A'
Green Machine

John Nowosatka
Kevin Koepplinger
Jeff Adler
Kevin Munoz
Phil Burgess

"B" Teams


Tuscola Energy
B&B Hockey Shop
Scottish 'B'
Goons 'B'
Terry Asphalt
Buffalo Wild Wings
The Office
Jet's Pizza


Jeff Adler
Joe Bourdow
Kevin Koepplinger
Phil Burgess
Jacob Milan
Mike East
Doug Ursuy

"C" Teams




Sport & Spine
Diesel Truck
Greenfelder Law
Fullerton Tool
Baywood Bulls
Mail Room
Heaven Hill
Syndicate Cycle
Capeside Records




Jeff Adler
Duane Heilbronn
Brian Drexler
Mark Donze
Corey King
Shawn Ashley
Adam Beauregard
Zack Workman
Matt Mitchell
DJ Bidwell


Saginaw Bay Ice Arena
6129 Bay Road
Saginaw, MI 48604
(989)799-8950 - Office
(989)799-2591 - Fax
David Westner - Rink Manager